m-BIT coaching

m-BIT, multiple Integration Brain Techniques- is based upon neurological research that shows that we have complex, functional brains in the heart and stomach areas of the body.

Neuroscience introduces the cardiological brain and the enteric brain and they both have much more autonomy than was previous thought. When we experience conflict such as the heart wants one thing but the gut feeling says something different, it means from an m-BIT perspective that the heart and stomach neural networks are not integrated and balanced.

m-BIT coaching helps to integrate the three neural networks in the brain, heart and gut. With increased integration can each person increased ability to follow his/her intuition, trust his/her innate competencies and use them. Trust in the self strengthens.

Elinor Tekas

Talktherapist, Lifespan, EMDR.

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Professional psychological counseling, conversation therapy and psychotherapy in Stockholm and online.

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