About me

I was born and raised in Stockholm. I have lived and worked in the United States for 24 years and am a trained, licensed psychotherapist. My driving force and my interest has always been man, our conscious and unconscious life choices, and how our early experiences often color our adult lives.


  • B.A. in Comparative Literature, English and Scandinavian languages, UC Berkeley, CA
  • M.S in Counseling, University of Bridgeport, CT
  • Legitimationsexamen i Hartford, CT per department of Public Health, Connecticut, USA.

My work is to support you in your personal growth and development and help you change that which no longer works for you. I work as a guide when you share your inner world and personal history with me.As a therapist I am inspired by the Gestalt and Existential therapies that focus on understanding how we construct our reality emotionally, mentally, somatically.

The world of emotion is important to look into since it can contain important information about you. Difficult events can sometimes affect us in a way that often creates challenging emotional patterns. Also, emotions are often tied with how we experience our body.

Mindfulness techniques are ways for you to tap into your inner world and experience inner strength and safety

Ulitmately it leads to a stronger sense of self. Research shows that mindfulness both prevents and reduces stress - often the culprit that triggers disease and mental health issues. Mindfulness techniques will teach you to observe your thoughts, your emotions without judgement. It will help you relax your mind and body.Meditation, awareness of breath, creative visualization, somatic experiencing, journaling, are some of the ways mindfulness can be experienced. The goal is to find a method that works for you in your daily life.

I have a long and extensive experience of working with traumatic events, that is, frightening experiences

Methods like Lifespan and EMDRare two of the most successful methods to process trauma as safely as possibly. Your traumatic and painful experiences will influence your life and personal development less.

Elinor Tekas

Talktherapist, Lifespan, EMDR.

Treatment & Counseling

Professional psychological counseling, conversation therapy and psychotherapy in Stockholm and online.

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