Lifespan Integration, en metod grundad av Peggy Pace i USA, är en bearbetningsmetod som stöttar kroppens och hjärnans förmåga att läka sig själv.

It works on a neurological level with memory cues and a timeline, which the client writes down. Lifespan has the ability to change old behavioral patterns, clear traumatic life experiences that often has left the person feeling stuck in his/her life. It helps to:

  • build a stronger and more “solid” sense of self
  • regulate emotions
  • increase self-worth and self-confidence
  • reduce anxiety
  • increase insight into how uncomfortable feelings in the present can have their origins in the past.

Lack of care and loving attention in childhood can affect relations in the present. Lifespan helps undoing past unhealthy attachment patterns and supports the healing of attachment patterns that have been problematic or traumatic. Hence self-worth and self-confidence increase.

Lifespan works even if you have difficulties remembering your past. During the therapeutic process, a client who has memory laps, is often able to put puzzle pieces of memories together to a connected whole.

Lifespan integration bygger på den senaste forskningen om neural plasticitet och hjärnans förmåga att integrera och läka. Om du vill veta mer om detta, läs på hemsidan

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